AMQ consists out of four young and equally passionate musicians who share a deep love for traditional and energetic Jazz.

Thus, each musician is on equal footing with eachother, while a steady flow of rhythmic energy is always in the center of interests – all of this framed by catchy melodies.

Even if their attitude of playing rather reflects the tradition,
still the compositions are heavily influenced by pop and world music.

In particular, the tours in China - most recently in 2018 -

(including appearances in the “Forbidden City Concert Hall”

and the “East Shore Jazzclub” in Beijing, or “JZ Club” in Shanghai)

has unmistakably influenced the band sound and the compositions.

The most important idea is the joy of creating music.

This is why there is always space for - at times also thrilling - experiments.

Not the academic perfection, rather the collectively created energy and the overall feel and vibe of the music is at the epicenter of attention.


Anton Mangold - Saxophone

Felix Schneider - Piano

Zhitong Xu - Drums

Theodor Spannagel - Bass

© 2020 by  AMQ