Anton Mangold

Anton Mangold was born in 1991 in Schweinfurt.
At the age of 8, he began to learn harp at the local music school. Later, he began to play the saxophone.

During highschool he received lessons as a pre-student at the "Hochschule für Musik Würzburg".

In 2011 Mangold enrolled at the

“Hochschule für Musik Würzburg”, where he consequently studied harp and Jazz saxophone parallel to each other.

There he received his Bachelors degree in 2015.

He then continued his studies at the

“University of Music and Dance Cologne”.

Thus, in 2018, he received his

Master's degree in Jazz Saxophone in Cologne.


In 2017 Mangold accepted the annual "Culture Award" of the city Schweinfurt, which is his hometown.

Felix schneider-Restschikow

Felix Schneider-Restschikow born on December 24, 1990

in “Neustadt an der Weinstraße”,

began to play the piano at the age of six.
He started with classical piano, coached by his own father, Hermann Restschikow.
After a musical break due to changing interests in Schneiders own youth, he took up the piano again and his journey lead him through many different genres of music – he played in different bands in styles, which ranged from reggae to blues and to funk.

In the end, he encounterd Jazz, which fascinated him so much that he decided to study Jazz piano.

In 2010 he started to study Jazz piano at the

“Hochschule für Musik Würzburg” with Tine Schneider.

2015 he received his Bachelor's degree there.

Prior to this, he studied one year abroad in Valencia, Spain, where he took up lessons with Albert Sanz.
In 2017, he received his Master's degree from the

“Hochschule für Musik Würzburg”.

It was within this period, when his teacher Tine Schneider, influenced him decisively.

He now works privately as a pedagogue and piano teacher.

Furthermore he gives lessons at the

“Solidary Music School 'Welcome with Music'”.

Currently he lives in Würzburg

and plays in various bands such as:
“Raniin Trio”,Lou-Duo “Not Machine”, “Yasami”

and the “Pioneros Latinos”.

Theodor spannagel

Born in 1990, Spannagel began his musical journey

at a young age as a singer in the renowned

“Windsbach Boys Choir”.

Prior to this - at the age of 4 - he was introduced to the piano.
A few years later, he met the Double bass and since then has never regreted this encounter.

He studied Jazz-Bass at the "Hochschule für Musik Würzburg"
and in the US at the “University of New Mexico”.
His teachers were Karol Blatny, Rudi Engel, Michinori Bunya, Mark Tatum, Peter Veale, Glenn Kostur and Chris Lightcap.

Spannagel is a versatile musician based in Franconia and is internationally experienced and always well-received.
Currently, Spannagel works as a double bass player within Jazz and contemporary classical music.

Furthermore he enjoys to experiment with music styles such as Pop, Electro and Free-Jazz.

Spannagel's love for vocal music has never ceased:

At this moment he is additionally conducting several vocal ensembles.

zhi tong xu

Currently he plays in the

“State Youth Jazz Orchestra Brandenburg”

and the “U.M.P.A. Jazz Orchestra”, Munich.

Xu has worked, amongst others,

with Antonio Hart, Yannick Rieu, Enrica Bacchia, Rafal Sarnecki, Jia Xia and Nathaniel Gao.

Born in 1994 in Harbin, China,

he and his brother, came into contact

with the world of Jazz at the age of 15.

He was taught by the well-known

Chinese Jazz musician Yongheng Wu (Bei Bei).

At the age of 17, Xu began to study

Jazz drums with Prof. Bill Elgart and Bastian Jütte

at the “Hochschule für Musik Würzburg”,

where he received his Bachelor's degree.

He then continued his Jazz studies in Munich,

at the “Hochschule für Musik und Theater München”.

There he was instructed by Bastian Jütte and Michael Keul

and received 2017 his Master's degree.

At the moment he is enrolled in the “Master Class program” (German: “Meisterklasse”) for Jazz drums at the

“Hochschule für Musik und Theater München”,

where he is coached by Bastian Jütte.

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